Problem: This report was to be presented through the Create Conference held at Vancouver Island University. I took the report and reformatted the information to be displayed in the competition.
Audience: The Create Conference is open to everyone and was held in the VIU cafeteria. Mainly students and teachers from all disciplines would be viewing the poster with a few walk-ins from around town. The judges consists of faculty coming from varying specialties.
Rationale: I created this infographic in collaboration with Felicia Fischer, a student at VIU. Sustainable Wine Practices: A Brief Overview of Current Affairs is a report written by her for a project in the business program at Vancouver Island University.  To provide a better experience for the viewer I categorized, highlighted and incorporated imagery to the information that was written in text. I tried to consider form and function without detracting from the researchers information.
Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

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